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Been a long time since I updated this blog.

We’ve come a long way baby! Enjoy

Down the drain.

Bacteria hitched a ride on the ginger root.

This was supposed to be a crisp refreshing apple-ginger cider but tasted like vinegar and smelled like pig slop.  Win some you lose some I guess.

Piper Anise Rye


Piper Anise Rye is in bottles waiting 2 more weeks for carbonation. This smelled SOOOO good when I bottled it. I can’t wait to taste

New Plate Chiller

New Plate chiller in the process took nearly an hour off the cooling step. Wort goes in at 200° in and out at 80°

Home brew VS Micro brew by the numbers

Is home brewing cheaper?

First some parameters for calculation sake

  • One 16oz beer per day
  • Brewing equipment and a kegerator $1000
  • 10 gallon batch all grain middle of the road recipe $40 grains and misc consumables
  • $4 local brew pub micro brew. (Store bought brands just don’t compare)

1st Year Costs

Micro brew. $4 X 365 = $1,460 per year

Home Brew $40 = 10 galons =80 beers

$40/80 beers = $.50 per beer X 365 days = $182 per year

+ $1000 Brewing equipment = $1182 for year 1


So the first year 

$1460 – $1182 = $278 Savings

Subsequent years

$1460-$182 = $1278 Savings






Beernola bars?

Cooked up Lemon Tree Blond on Sunday at the Columbine church of the Ustick Brew. AKA Ustick Brewing.

The by-product of beer making is “Spent grain”  which usually goes to the chickens, what they don’t eat goes to compost.

This week we went another route. Spent grains + peanuts + peanut butter + sunflower seeds + raisins = Beernola bars.

They were a hit at the memorial day BBQ potluck. We will be fine tuning this recepie