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Cooking up Green UB#4 Belt Pale Ale

Steeping the grains. We use malt extract in our beers. But this extra step of steeping grains brings another note of flavor to the table and another half hour of beer drinking to the cook party. The grains are then fed to the chickens. (They love a hot meal)

Cooling the Wort. Yeast dies at temperatures above 75 degrees. And evil bacteria thrives at temperatures between boiling and 75 degrees. While it’s cooling it is basically a 5 gallon Petri dish.  So cooling quicker is better.

from boil to room temp to sanitized carboy in 20 minutes. Into the fermentation step, Yeast is added to the wort, Yeast eats sugar and farts CO2 in a week we’ll transfer to another carboy leaving all the sediment for the compost pile.


Sunday is Brew Day

Great day of Brewing.

Drunken brewers today were Tyler Ronnie Jim Dave and Joel

5 hours and 10 gallons later we have 2 beers in the carboys