Can you say Hops?

Not sure what Tyler is thinking on this one.

No that’s not split pea soup that is wort!

The pungent smell of hops in this batch generated the following quote.

“It’s a laundry room not a beer room”

Note to brewers, make sure you keep the lady of the house happy

A few new Pictures (All Grain)

Tyler Bought a new pot. And we built a new mash tun from a cooler. Now we can brew 12 gallon batches of all grain

Fresh from Fermentation

A frothy Brown IPA with plenty of head.

Currently under forced carbonation.


Our first Kolsch style ale. in honor of the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Boise Valley Loop Trolley system. that made it’s way through the town of Ustick in 1912

Adult night at the Discovery center

🙂 All you ever needed to know about beer but were too drunk to care.

Last week’s Brew

Making these graphics is almost as fun as making beer 🙂

Lemon Heff ….In fermentation stage

Another Brew Sunday

Not rain nor sleet nor snow will keep us from another Brew Sunday,

While racking last weeks Boil Tyler added a twist to the It’s a Porter … COFFEE.

Today’s  Cook was an American Amber and another batch of Octoberfest.

Also I did some experimenting a shot of Market Street Hard Cider in the Green belt Pale Ale Totally Rocked.

Beer Update

In the Carboys we have Red Belly Kelly and it’s a Porter.

Red Belly Kelly is a Red Irish Ale we haven’t made before. I imagine it’s a killigans clone.  Can’t wait to taste this one, The color was awesome when we cooked it up last weekend.

It’s a Porter Second time we have brewed this one.  It was real good and we wanted something to go with the Market Street hard cider to make black and tans

Freezer mod

Because beer can freeze, freezers are a bad place for beer. So here is the solution to my kegerator problem.

This secondary thermostat inturrupts the power to the freezer based on air temp. alowing me to adjust to a perfect 38 Degrees Fahrenheit

2 Fantastic beers in the kegerator.

May I introduce to you, Wazberry Wheet the head on this fine beer really screams razz-berry to the nose and to the tastebuds. a very drinkable wheat beer… with a twist

The second beer on tap is Green belt pale ale almost an IPA this ale has a nice hoppy bite,but not over powering. we’re 4 for 4 at Ustick Brewing. it’s another hit!