Accidental beer

Through a snaffoo in the process of making a cream ale (we forgot to boil the rice and had to add corn syrup after the boil to compensate).  We accidentally made 10 gallons of a Coors Light clone. Tyler added Raspberry conentrate to his keg and I am leaving mine alone.


Licorice squared

Yesterday at Ustick Brewing.

We have been wanting to create a licorice rye for some time.

Black Cat Licorice Rye is an all grain concoction. Tyler found a rye recipe and we cut back on hops and added 2 pounds of  liquefied licorice candy. Gravity readings predict 10% alcohol or better.




CHAT NOIR The all grain process left us with an opportunity to try a second run through the grains. another 5 gallons of water through the mash gave us a low gravity around 3 (only 2% potential alcohol) so We added a quart of corn syrup. We were out of licorice. So I hit the grocery store for a bottle of anise seed and Caraway seed. and Chat Noir was born.

Magnum IPA

There is a story about this label, Just ask Stacy

Can you say Hops?

Not sure what Tyler is thinking on this one.

No that’s not split pea soup that is wort!

The pungent smell of hops in this batch generated the following quote.

“It’s a laundry room not a beer room”

Note to brewers, make sure you keep the lady of the house happy

A few new Pictures (All Grain)

Tyler Bought a new pot. And we built a new mash tun from a cooler. Now we can brew 12 gallon batches of all grain

Fresh from Fermentation

A frothy Brown IPA with plenty of head.

Currently under forced carbonation.


Our first Kolsch style ale. in honor of the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Boise Valley Loop Trolley system. that made it’s way through the town of Ustick in 1912