Its a PorterHell yea! Pop that Beer brewing cherryDark and tasty nice chocolate note(and gone I might add)


Straight forward and crisp.

Just hoppy enough (I’ll be making this one again)

Green Belt Pale Ale

3 courses of hops in this one

Wazberry Wheat (Emphasis on the h)

Fresh Raspberries and a nice steeping of wheet

Currently in fermentation

Market Street Hard CiderIn the tradition of 1913 Ustick Township
This one came out great, I’ll be making this again
In fermentation stage
 Yea it’s a clone but a tasty clone 🙂
 Our first Kolsch style ale. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Boise Valley Loop that ran through the town of Ustick in 1912
 Nutty imperial great for black and tans using Market street hard cider. on on it’s own. a full bodied brown.
 Don’t let the name scare you awayThis Brown Eye P.A. Is as tasty as they come
 There is a story about the name but you will have to ask Stacy
 This one is so hopped up it hurts your teeth
Black Cat Licorice RyeTraditional rye recipe, we pulled back on the hops and added sweet sweet licorice.
 Chat NoirA second 5 gallon run through Black Cat’s grains, corn syrup to bump up the sugars. 2 3oz stages of mystery hops. Caraway seeds and crushed anise seed into the fermentation stage for flavor.
 We accidentally made 10 gallons of a Coors Light clone.
 Tyler tried to fix his by making it a chick beer

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